About Us

About Us:
Thik International was established in 2005 and our Office is located at Lahore. We are a trading Company and our efficient staff renders quality Services to our Customers to their best.

THIK INTERNATIONAL is a continuously growing Company. We are always looking for out for Opportunities which we can avail and improve our Product and Services. We believe in quality and time delivery of Products as desired by the Client.

WELCOME TO THIK INTERNATIONAL: Thik International started off in 2005 with base at Lahore. The Company is aimed at multi-dimensional products/services locally and overseas also. Thik International is a registered company in Chamber of Commerce and is registered and working with Semi-MILITARY Organizations also.
No compromise is made on quality of Products/Services being provided. 90%
In time Projects
Timely execution of Consignments. 95%
Response and commitments shall be honored with high degree of proficiency. 85%
Our Complain rate is very low. 20%

Road Construction Material Supply:
THIK International one wing is an importer of Road Construction Machinery (Used/New). Pakistan market has used machinery due to repair maint services and Qualifications/Experience of our Mechanical Staff. However New machinery Import/Services can also be given. Apart from road construction any type of machinery affiliated with Construction can be Precured from any part of the world as our Collaboration is with our Sister company in USA BUILDWICK.com.